Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tomorrow afternoon, demand accountability!

This is a reminder that tomorrow, August 17th starting at 2:30pm there will be a demo on campus to speak out against Carleton University's stance on sexual assault.

Although CU has settled their lawsuit with Jane Doe,

1- Carleton University has not retracted or addressed their statements from the legal defense which stated that the "victim failed to prevent the assault" and that the injuries she "claims" to have sustained are "exaggerated, excessive and due to a pre-existing medical condition"

2- Carleton University's administration has explictly stated that they will not support or allow the creation of a student-run, university funded sexual assault centre, even though 75% of undergraduate students and over 80% of graduate students have voted for one.

3- All initiatives presented by CU in their mass e-mail regarding sexual assault were pushed for and demanded by students. CU is not voluntarily making any changes. Sexual assault remains taboo on campus.

Do not allow CU to speak for you. If you support improved services on campus and want to continue to see the issue of sexual assault on the table at CU, we need you out tomorrow. Carleton has demonstrated that they respond to bad press and public pressure. Let's use this.

Write President Runte at

And meet us tomorrow at 2:30pm in the University Centre atrium. If you only have an hour or so to spare, then come out at 4pm to the rally on Bronson/Sunnyside. We need CU to understand that their views are not held by many.

Accountability: We're Asking For It!

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