Monday, August 10, 2009

Carleton University's views on sexual assault do NOT represent me!

(From the original Facebook group, Carleton University's Views on Sexual Assault Do Not Represent Me)

We must organize, mobilize and act against Carleton University's latest statements regarding sexual assault in general and a 2007 sexual assault in particular.

Background Info: Official court document outlining the positions of both sides (

Unlike Carleton University, we believe that:

  • sexual assault victims are not responsible for their assault;
  • Carleton University was not (in 2007) and is not currently a space free from sexual assault;
  • the majority of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim and that Carleton's latest comments only further the myth that self-defense classes and pepper spray will prevent all assaults;
  • a dedicated Sexual Assault Support Centre should be created and sustained on Carleton University's campus;

and that

  • the victim of the high-profile 2007 sexual assault in question should be awarded the full amount requested.

We are students, ex-students, graduates, professors, academics, executive directors, public servants, support workers and allies from all different spectrums who support victims and survivors of violence and are disgusted by Carleton University's position.

This is not about this particular incident or about the lawsuit. This is about Carleton University's stated position on sexual assault and overall student safety.

Carleton University does NOT represent me.

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