Monday, August 17, 2009

TODAY - Demonstration against CU's stated position on sexual assault

Last call for today's demonstration at CU.

The demo begins at 2:30pm in the atrium of the UniCentre. We will be making signs, getting organized and then heading to President Runte's office to drop off petitions and letters of opposition.

We will then be marching to the CU entrance for the most important part of our demo: A rally at the Bronson/Sunnyside entrance from 4-6pm. We need as many people to attend the rally in opposition to Carleton's stated position on sexual assault and sexual assault services.

If you can only attend for a portion of the demo, the rally from 4-6pm is crucial.

Bring your signs, noise makers and spirit and help us bring accountability to CU! We're asking for it!

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