Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Call for Donations: Carleton Sexual Assault Support Line's "Artgasm" Event

The Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre will be hosting an art show at the end of July at with all proceeds going to the Carleton Sexual Assault Support Line. It's called "Artgasm" and it's being held on Wednesday, July 28th from 7-10pm at the Mercury Lounge to coincide with weekly "Hump Night". Tickets will be on a sliding scale of $8 to $12, soon to be available from Venus Envy.


As most of you know, the Coalition is a grassroots, indie, feminist, community run sexual assault support line that is available to all students, staff and faculty. We are not affiliated or even recognized by Carleton and so all of our work is entirely student driven and community funded.

I will be shameless in saying that we do amazing work, not only through our support line but through our nearly 4 years of advocating on behalf of survivors on campus. But we don't do it alone and we can't do it for free.

Since we do not have a physical space, our line operates through cellphones, which are costly. We also need to print all of our training manuals ourselves, which cost around $200 per training session. There's also the costs for advertising, since Carleton refuses to acknowledge us and constantly tears down our posters. This means that we poster much more than we should have to.


We're hosting this amazing event at the end of July at the Mercury Lounge to coincide with their Wednesday night "Hump Night." The event will consist of mingling and listening to great local musicians/poets while having a silent auction of amazing local art. Rockalily Burlesque will also be there to perform!

We are looking for artists to graciously donate paintings, sketches, photographs, jewelery, services (e.g. photography session, spa treatment, etc) for our event.

In return, we will shamelessly plug you and your amazingness and if given enough time, will put you or your organization/company's logo on our posters. Best of all, you'll know that your talents will be used to support survivors of sexual violence.

If you have no artistic ability, remember that we also need people to BUY the art and mingle with us, so you can just show up and buy pretty things, too!

If you're interested, you can get in touch with the Coalition and/or spread the word to others. Get them to e-mail the Coalition at

In solidarity, resistance and love,

The Coalition for a Sexual Assault Centre

Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre
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